We start with the basic elements of nature — soil, sun, and water.

Grow and Co. takes a holistic approach in the way we create and manage landscapes. We use sustainable practices to preserve natural diversity while focusing on the foundational elements: soil, sun, water, and plants.

Starting with these elements, we are able to create and maintain urban gardens and landscapes that compliment your home. From romantic, rustling grasses and wildflower meadows to crisp, clean lines and classic styles, we approach our projects the same way, with careful assessment of the soil, sunlight, and water.

Landscape Services



Grow & Co landscape designs are tailored for each individual client to create an outdoor experience you will love. We study your personal style and design a space that has a purpose and is carefully curated with our client's intended use at the forefront. 

We love getting to know our clients and seeing how they will use their outdoor space. Some prefer a quiet retreat for reading and meditation while others are seeking a pool for splashing and cannonballs. Whether looking to construct a terraced garden for enjoying wine with friends, a fire pit for family s’more night or a pollinator garden to teach your children and grandchildren about nature, we are with you every step of the way.

Master Design Plan:
• Initial Consultation Meeting
• Site Assessment
• Conceptual Drawing providing overall landscape layout and features
• Second meeting to approve design
• Finalized drawings, material list, budget



Installation brings the Master Design Plan to life. We develop a detailed construction schedule and work closely with stone masons, metal fabricators, electricians, carpenters, etc. to map and install every detail thoughtfully and efficiently. Installation includes daily site visits by our head planner and horticulturist.

• Plant Installation
• Irrigation, drainage
• Bed edging
• Stonework
• Soil preparation
• Gravel and stone pathways
• Pools and spas
• Patios and pergolas
• Water features, ponds



Our maintenance approach focuses on the soil, water, and sun. We have professionally trained soil science experts, licensed irrigators, and horticulturalists on staff who work together to manage and maintain every detail of the garden.

Our team works diligently in executing the proper care and maintenance of our client's landscapes and we take pride in seeing the growth and maturation of their gardens.

• Pruning, trimming

• Fertilization

• Weed control
• Lawn care
• Integrated pest management
• Plant health care



Proper irrigation design and management is essential to protecting fresh water—one of our most precious natural resources. We start with soil, because plants in healthy living soils need less water to thrive. It's a win-win situation. We conserve fresh water, save money on water usage, and our plants thrive. It just makes sense.

• System design
• Irrigation installation
• Irrigation management using Smart Water Technology
• Full System audit and repairs



For do-it-your-selfers and capable gardeners who are looking for professional guidance. This service includes a comprehensive property assessment based on a visual inspection and is accompanied by a written report which may include the following, based on the individual client's needs:

• Proper mulch and soil level recommendations around the bases of trees, shrubs and foundation
• Personalized maintenance techniques and recommendations tailored to meet the client's needs
• Disease and pest identification as well as a recommended treatment plan
• Irrigation scheduling and techniques to improve water utilization
• Soil Testing
• Irrigation System Audit


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